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Group Programs for Children and Their Mothers

Children's groups will allow children to share their experiences with other children as they learn new skills. The group provides positive role modeling and play that helps children to learn new ways to solve problems.

Mothers are the most important partners in the healing process. The mother's group allows mothers to learn the skills needed to help their children manage the effects of being exposed to unhealthy relationships.

A free program funded by the Ministry of Community, Family and Children Services



Support for Children


The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for children to process and understand the unhealthy relationship dynamics they have witnessed.

The group helps children identify and express emotions in a safe, fun and creative environment. Building new foundations for their own positive futures.

Children learn new ways of solving problems through role modeling and play that will help them succeed.


Encouraging Healthy Coping Mechanisms for your Family!
Healing the past for a better future


Mothers will gain greater knowledge of how relationships affect their children's behaviors.

Mothers will build stronger relationships with their children.

Mothers receive support to help their children succeed in maintaining positive relationships in life.

We offer a group to mothers to provide skills, resources and information to inspire hope for the future.

     Support for Mothers




Who Can Attend?

Woman and their children who have experienced or are experiencing struggles in their adult relationships.


What will it Cost?

Groups are free




How Can I Join?
Call 807-229-2223

You will meet with the group facilitator to ensure the group is right for you and your children.


When will the Groups Begin?

Groups run throughout the year, call for information and start dates.


The next group is scheduled to begin Fall 2015