Picture Messages

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Picture messages from the Survivors, Clients and Staff


A Survivor is....

Now living a life free from abuse and is comfortable talking about their past and their future, and still needs support and referrals from time to time.


A Client is....

still working at living a life free from abuse and still needs ongoing counseling,support, referrals and a safe shelter to live in.


The Staff....

work to help women and children by providing the resources and support needed for a life free from abuse.




Trust and confidentiality are two things I found at Marjorie House. Talking about my problems and secrets was a comfortable feeling. It gave me a sense of safety and security knowing that staff listened, helped and did not use my information against me.






Violence in a same sex relationship often remain hidden in the same way spousal abuse was kept "in the family" for many years.



The sky is the limit, I can do or be anything I want.
Marjorie House helped me realize that.






Some hurts can be fixed     

with a band aid

 Marjorie House was my band aid



For years I was treated like a doormat.





After staying at Marjorie House I feel like a different person from the roots of my soul





Furniture and clothes are hard to live without. Marjorie House helped me set up my first apartment and to appreciate the generosity of others.





My choice, my freedom....


 There was a time in my life when I lived with daily fear that my abuser had the power to take everything away from me, including my life.

On this incredible evening, I stopped to take in the moment and reflected on how my choices lead to my freedom and survival.

The tranquility and beauty is a reflection of the peace in my life today.




 Marjorie House helped me get a fresh new start....





I was like a boom log, worn and tattered , yet focused through the proper lens I can remain beautiful and timeless.





I never realized how bad things really were in my home...until THIS!





Marjorie House gave me the comfort and support I needed





My inner flame will NOT get blown out again!
Thanks to Marjorie House





Life contains bumps and hurdles, You can trip and fall or skip and jump





Sticks and stones can
break my bones...
But words will
always hurt me...




Art from a client 





Abuse knows  no time... 
The door is always open for women and their children in times of crisis.




I Stand Alone 

I stand alone,

Bruised and broken.

Twisted with pain,

From the words that were spoken


Alone and Broken,

With no physical bruises.

A fight unprepared for,

Someone always loses.


No way to have known,

The beginning was great.

You say it's meant to be,

I say, time to rewrite fate.


I stand alone,

A long journey ahead.

Yet I now stand stronger,

From the cruel things you said.


Alone can mean lonely,

A search for a friend.

Alone can mean lonely,

I doesn't mean an end.


So this is my beginning,

I stand alone.

I stand strong, happy and proud

Cause this is my zone.



Written by a client






 Marjorie House believes in human dignity, equality, social justice and honors different cultures, abilities and choices.



 Thank You...

 from the

Clients, Survivors and Staff