Name change

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In 1991, the Board of Directors and Staff decided to hold  joint planning meetings to discuss the recognition of five years of operations. Ideas on Public Relations and Education were discussed. The idea to rename the facility and design a logo became the focus. After a series of meetings, a resolution came forward in October 1991....that the present name             LAKE SUPERIOR NORTHSHORE FAMILY RESOURCE CENTRE become MARJORIE HOUSE.


Marjorie House was named after an ex-resident. Marjorie not only enriched her own life through personal growth, she gave it new meaning.  In that journey to freedom from abuse, she inspired those she encountered along the way with her warmth, and caring personality. She was able to experience long deserved independence and peace before her death. It was unanimous to rename the shelter in her memory.




The logo was designed by a staff person. It was unanimous choice of all the submissions. Somewhat of an angelic figure, the figure represents Marjorie, who in turn represents all women in their fight from a abusive situation. The arms which are in a circular fashion above her head indicates the protection of sanity and identity, both are needed in the process of healing. The rays symbolize the warmth that is given and needed during a difficult time. They can also be seen as wings, which represent freedom and independence that a woman may take with her when she leaves the shelter.