Children Safety Plan

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I know that the best thing my children can do for me during a violent episode is to get away and protect themselves. I can tell them to ______________________________ if they see me being abused.

I can teach them to pick a safe room like _____________ , preferably with a lock and access to a telephone. It is important to me and to them that they get out of the room where the abuse is occurring as soon as possible.

I can tell them their most important job is to keep themselves safe. I will explain it using these words ____________________________________________________

I will teach them how to call for help. If they cannot safely get to a telephone in my home, I will talk to them about using our neighbour's ________________________ phone or the nearest payphone, which is located at ___________________________.

I will make sure they know they don't need money to dial an emergency number. If I have a cell phone, I will teach them how to dial 9-1-1 or other emergency number.

I will make sure they know their name and address if they need help. If we live in the country, I will teach them their address, including concession and lot number.

I can rehearse what my children will say when they call for help. For instance, we can practice how to contact the police like this:

Dial 911.
An operator will answer: "Police, Fire, Ambulance."
Your child says:"Police."
Then your child says:

My name is ____________.
I am ____years old.
I need help. Send the police.
Someone is hurting my mom.
The address here is _______________.
The phone number here is ______________.



I will pick a safe place such as ______________to meet my children outside our home after the situation is safe for me and for them (so we can easily find each other). I will teach my children the safest route to the planned place of safety for them.

We will review and revise our safety plan every______________________