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Sexual abuse is any behaviour that is forced, coerced or manipulated. It includes sexual harassment. Sexual abuse  overlaps with other types of abuse, because it can be physical (such as forced sex), verbal (such as sexual threats) or emotional (such as using sexual behaviour to humiliate someone).


Sexual Abuse is...

  • Threatening to break up with your partner if they refuse sexual acts
  • Threatening to hurt the other person or someone they care about if they refuse sexual acts
  • Lying to or manipulating someone to get them to agree to sexual behaviour
  • Ripping or tearing at someon's clothes
  • Unwanted grabbing or touching of someone's rear end, breasts, or genital areas
  • Forcing someone to take off their clothes
  • Physically forcing someone into any kind of sexual behaviour - even when they have agreed to one form of sex but not to another
  • Sex while one person is too drunk or high to make a sound decision about sex
  • Forcing someone into sexual acts with a third person
  • Forcing someone to watch sex between others
  • Taking pictures or videos of someone undressing or involved in sexual behaviour without the person's consent
  • Any sexual activity between an adult and child or a child and a much younger child
  • Rape with an object
  • Sex that hurts
  • Withholding sex as a way of manipulating someone into doing what you want
  • Making partner dress in a sexier way or less sexy way
  • sexual harassment


If any of these are happening to you or someone you know, you can call the

Marjorie House 24/7 to talk 807-229-2222.